The biggest problem with disposable nappies has always been that they don't biodegrade very well. In fact, disposable nappies take as long as 300 years to fully biodegrade!

But thanks to Senevens, that is all about to change.

Nature Nappy - Fully Biodegradable

Senevens has created the Safeties Nature Nappy. The Safeties Nature Nappy is a fully biodegradable nappy. What this means is that, instead of taking 300 years to decompose (like traditional desposable nappies), the Nature Nappy can decompose within 6 and 8 months.

This is a tremendous achievement for the environment. Traditionally, disposable nappies have created mountains of landfill. Not one traditional disposable nappy has fully decomposed yet (disposable nappies weren't invented 300 years ago!).


Safeties Nature Nappy is fabric based and is made from natural materials. It is 100% biodegradable and complies with international standards. Each nappy comes with a biodegradable bag which can be used to place the nappy in when disposing of it. Placing the nappy in this bag will help it biodegrade quicker.

Environmental Policy

Safeties mission is to develop the most environmentally friendly products available. To acheive this, they:

  • Invest in research to reduce the environmental impact of their products
  • Continually review their environmental performance
  • Consider favourably, suppliers and manufacturers who pursue good environmental management practices
  • Ensure all staff, contactors and suppliers are made aware of the environmental policy
  • Develop processes that facilitate continual improvement in environmental performance
  • Maintain a proactive focus on design and production of products that facilitate continual improvement in environmental performance and help conserve resources

Offical Website

To lean more about the Nature Nappy, check out the Safeties Nature Nappy website.

Senevens is an Australian company and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

To learn more about Senevens, check out the Senevens website.