Global Warming vs Climate Change

The terms- global warming and climate change are usually misinterpreted in the media while getting discussed; however, these remain distinct to each other, a fact which is often ignored.

Both of these terms refer to two different physical phenomenons.

Global warming is basically a long term trend, erupting due to the constant global temperature rise owing to the greenhouse gases usually from the fossil fuel burning.

Whereas climate change is all about the changes seen in the global climate, which is actually the outcome of increasing average global temperature.

Though both of these physical phenomenons are usually related to each other, yet they remain two distinct things. Let’s look at the comparison between the two.

Both Terms Have Been in Use for a Long Time

Many people argue that the term global warming was used much before and climate change came into picture in the recent years.

But the fact is it is simply a false claim.

For instance, if you look at the seminal climate science project carried out by Gilbert Plass in the year 1956, his own study was seen using this term wherein he was seen discussing climate sensitivity. Similar in the year 1971 when different researchers like Gast and Barrett were seen discussing this issue using the very same terminology, whereas in 1977 the most popular journal Climate Change started its publication, which is seen till today.

The popular agency IPCC taking care of this subject deals more with climate change than global warming.

In this way, you can find a number of examples that vouch for the fact that both these terms have been in use for many decades and cannot be termed as a newly introduced trend by researchers.

Global Warming

If you look closer to global warming, it could be defined as the increasing warming up of the Earth owing to the rise of greenhouse gases especially the ones coming from the fossil fuels burning events. The increasing warming of the earth can be gauged in the Earth’s ocean and atmosphere.

You can find good evidence for global warming, which includes retreating ice caps, increased habitat reductions for different animals, dry lakes, shifts seen in weather, global temperature rise, seal level rise, coral bleaching, etc. Global warming could be called as a human induced global temperatures rise.

Climate Change

If you look at climate change, it is termed as the natural changes seen owing to the global temperature rise over the years of time.

Speaking more specifically, the change found over the earth’s energy budget could give the result in terms of both increase and decrease in the global temperatures.

The climate is always seen changing, which is an important fact that people usually ignore when they are seen talking about this issue.The climate change is seen often occurring over the planet earth for a number of reasons. These include things like volcanic eruptions, Milankovitch cycle, ocean circulation changes, natural variance, tectonic activity and albedo.

Interchanging the Term is Basically the Mincing of Words

In the media, you often would see the term global warming being interchanged with climate change or vice versa. This is mincing words.

And if you club both these terms, you simply end up getting global warming as a climate change, which is induced by the human beings. There are people who doubt or go against global warming often termed as anti warming activists are seen mincing the two terms simply by detracting both the issues.

However, bringing out a standard definition is simply impossible since the fact is climate change always occurred and is going to be there in the future as well, while global warming is a theoretical concept.

However, this helps the experts to definition of this particular theory. This is the very juncture where you will find a number of non scientists going wrong. Theories are basically scientific evidences and proofs, which are collected all these years and often get accepted by the people as a suitable explanation to these evidences or proofs.

Theories are very much different than the scientific laws and hypotheses.

Hypothesis could be defined as an intelligent guesswork, which is often based on knowledge and information; however, this requires a consistent testing for your further development. At the same time the laws are basically scientific facts, which are very much virtually incontrovertible. For example, if you throw anything at the upper direction, it is bound to come down due to gravity, which is basically a law of science.

Final Word

Though both terms are seen interchanging, these issues remain the most contagious problems of the modern times. Global warming and climate change have now become a matter of concern basically due to the industrialization taking place in the world, which has wrecked havoc over this planet. The amount of disruption caused to the ecosystem due to these issues is certainly going to harm the animals, trees and even human beings.

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