10 Major Changes that All Oil Companies are Making to Go Green

Oil companies have been getting a bad rap for quite some time. Some people feel that they are doing whatever they can to make as much money as possible, and others feel that just by existing they are slowing killing the environment.

The cost, the mess, and the tragedies that occur at the hands of the oil companies do not make an easy job for their PR person.

Amidst all of the negativity that surrounds the oil companies here is a list of positives. Below are 10 major changes that all of the oil companies are making in order to help their companies become greener.

1. Financial Backing for Renewable Energy

The oil companies have the availability of funds that few companies have this day in age. They have invested a great deal of money in the research and development of renewable energy.

2. Promote Alternative Energy

Many companies understand that there are a lot of alternatives that are on the cusp of coming to light for alternatives to energy. Oil companies are often promoting these options to help educate the public.

3. Education about Usage

Oil companies are well aware of the wasteful ways that people expel their energy. The oil companies have provided a great deal of literature in order to help educate the average person on how to conserve energy.

4. Agreement with Alternative Energy

Oil companies understand that there is no alternative source that is ready to completely replace oil especially when it comes to the average person. That is why the oil companies have made agreements that should an individual invest in an alternative energy system that the additional energy that is created will be credited to them through the company.

5. Investing in Oil Clean-up

There has been a lot of bad PR that has surrounded the oil spills that have occurred in the recent years. It has also led people to look more critically at older oil spills. This has led many major oil companies to invest a great deal of time and money on the clean-up of some of the devastation that their oil has caused.

6. Greening their Office Buildings

Oil companies have decided to lead by example by investing the time and the money that it takes in order to make their office buildings more green friendly. This means that their offices have be revamped to use less energy in order to operate them.

7. Grow Green Algae

This green algae will work as an alternate source to fuel cars. It will take some time to develop, but the oil companies have announced that they will be investing the time and money to see this project through.

8. Supplying Alternate Energy Sources

Oil companies have not only stated that they would be using alternate sources of energy where possible, but they have actually installed the uses of solar panels and wind technology to decrease consumption wherever possible.

9. Falling in-line with the Obama Plan

The companies could have really fought the Obama plan to help force them to be more responsible for their messes, and while there was some whining at first many of the companies realized that it was in their best interest to fall in-line.

10. Actually Believing in Alternative Sources of Energy

It used to be that oil companies fought the development of alternate energy for they saw it as something that would take money out of their pockets. Now oil companies have seen a way for them to invest in these alternate forms of energy, and many of them have climbed on board so they can replace the money they earn with oil to cleaner energy money.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips wrote this article. He is a guest blogger and working with an organization which is working for fl keys bp spill claims. They say you can get payment if your business were harmed by oil spill.

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