Eco Friendly Flooring Choices for Home Interior Design

The modern methods of homemaking and interior designing have changed the way people used to think. People have these days become conscious about the type of materials they use to make the different sections of the house.

One such large contribution is of the flooring which has been since ages composed of natural and artificial materials such as rocks, marbles, granites, carpets, etc. which are easily available but definitely not completely eco-friendly.

With this new age ready to think and implement eco-friendly solutions in the flooring that comprises of a big chunk of the material you bring in, you must give it a thought. Even if you do not want to use it you must visit the stores to see it for yourself to be satisfied with the way they look and the kind of comfort, friendliness, maintenance and costs they help you acquire.

A number of eco-friendly flooring alternatives are available in the market for them to be used in houses, offices and pretty much any interiors in any part of the world.

Eco friendly floorings

A number of eco-friendly flooring varieties are available in the market today, for you to review and book for your personal use in home interiors. You can study them online to know their benefits better and then use the same type to be actually beneficial in the long run. Some of the varieties are wooden, glass tile, bamboo, cork, metal tile, cement tiles etc. which are easily affordable and have long term looks and benefits.

These varieties are not just easily available but are available in many forms for your interiors to be spiced up with their looks. They have a glaze, color, smoothness and even finish which can be applied, maintained and lived with for a good duration of its life. Inquire about such varieties in the market and their forms that can be readily reviewed for you to get decisive about their installation. They all have some or the other benefits which are he reasons they are being used and tried by modern interior designers and environment friendly customers.

Benefits of modern eco-friendly flooring

There are several benefits of these types of floorings which can be seen upfront when you see their installation at the furnished store where they are sold. You can sit on it, walk bare foot on it, sleep on it, have your kids sit on it and even eat from it, them being so clean and safe with the environment and humans. Not just this, but also that these are made with recycled materials such as bamboo, wood, glass, marble etc. that can be of a good use here rather than being in the waste.

These materials are easy to find and not very difficult to maintain if you give a serious though about the environment. At a larger perspective we will review them one by one to see how they are and how can they be of use in home interiors.

Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is available in the reclaimed form with different types of woods contributing for it. You can use chestnut, teak, heart pine, oak, maple, Douglas Fir as its material as they please you. These are being grown in human managed forests and are certified for them to be used as eco-friendly floorings.

With these types available in the finished and unfinished forms for as much as four to thirteen dollars per square feet, they are definitely not a bad option considering the elite look they give your flooring. People like wooden flooring in their drawing rooms and bedrooms as they give a very earthy feel to the entire theme and interiors.

Bamboo flooring

If not the wooden type, you can use the bamboo flooring which is made from bamboo, a type of a woody grass. This is easily found and even grows quickly for your interiors to be sporting the floorings made of these. They are easy to install, maintain and come in plans which can be installed. This durable variety is again eco-friendly considering the speed of its growth and cultivation. It can be easily mopped, finished glued and cleansed for it to be durable all throughout the years of your life. They are available in the rates of three to six dollars per square feet in the American market on an average.

Cork flooring

This type even though not very appealing to the ears is a good eco-friendly flooring option for your house. It is made from the regenerative bark of the cork oak tree. This type has the natural bark that is harvested every eight years and has good growth as certified by the government agencies. It is known for its softness, finish, resistance, patterns, colors and thermal benefits.

They are also used to design specific acoustics of the interiors.

They are apt for kitchens and children’s rooms with the need to stand more and have lesser bacterial infections on the floor. At two to six dollars a square feet these are a good choice for the interior floorings in your house.

Recycled glass tiles

These are the latest forms that are used in many houses like interior spaces with the benefits of them being available in many colors and designs. They provide a translucent surface with a depth different than you would get in material like ceramic. They are easily maintained and are made from recycled c\glass being available easily.

You can order them as and when you want, them being available at about one to two dollars per tile which is because of the labor involved to make it. These can be easily installed to give a nice shiny surface flooring in your house that resembles the look of marble but in a shiny translucent way.

Use these different forms of eco-friendly floorings to contribute your share for the environment which does not compromise the looks and quality of the flooring.

Author Bio: The post has been shared by Jason Phillips. He is an environment conscious guy who writes articles generally on environment and green. He makes his ability popular by writing online about plumbers in Tacoma.

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