5 Things You Can Do in College to Protect the Environment

When you’re in college, it can be difficult to find time for everything that you need to do. With constant course work, studying hours, extracurricular activities, and social time, saving the environment can often drift to the back of your mind. If living an environmentally-friendly life is important to you though, it’s essential to know that there are plenty of ways you can alter your lifestyle to better serve the planet. Here are just a few ways you can live a college life to the fullest and protect the environment at the same time:

1. Use public transportation.

The commute to and from your daily classes may not be something you think about as especially damaging for the environment, especially if you live close to campus. But, if you’re constantly going back and forth between your home campus and your residence, you are using tons of gas and injecting the air with unnecessary toxins. Instead of using your car to head to class, try taking your bike or using public transportation. And consider hanging out on campus instead of going home every time you have a break.

2. Take some classes online.

While you may be enrolled in a traditional university, taking a course or two online is a great way to use less resources. You will be saving on transportation costs (and the associated environmental impacts). Combine that with about thirty other people who are not commuting to an on-campus location, and that is quite a bit of energy saving. You will also be able to submit and read everything electronically, saving paper and books.

3. Recycle on campus.

You may recycle at home. But, on campus it might be hard to find the best places to recycle, or you may be in such a rush that dumping your water bottles and receipts in the regular trash seems like the only option. Instead, try to mark out the nearest recycling bins around the locations you frequent. If you school doesn’t recycle, speak with the administration or get a petition going.

4. Turn off your laptop.

This is a simply daily step that can save tons of energy. One of the biggest consumers of electricity in our daily life is out computers. Leaving them on throughout the night, or during the day when they’re not in use can zap tons of power. Make sure to turn off your laptop when you go to bed, at least. It will also save the life of your device by a few years.

5. Re-use your book bag.

You may want to buy a new book bag every year, but this is actually not the most sustainable way to go. Instead of contributing to non-biodegradable landfill material, just re-use your old book bag. You can easily dye it or add embellishments to make it feel new again. Or, try taking your old bag to a thrift store, and finding a different used one to make your own.

Nadia Jones is an education blogger for Onlinecollege.org where she writes about education news, online learning platforms, online colleges. She also loves to write about lifestyle, environmental issues, and personal finance. Nadia welcomes your comments and questions at nadia.jones5@gamail.com.


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