Three New Species of Scorpion

The Journal of Arachnology has published descriptions of three new species of scorpion in its latest edition online.

The three new species are:

  • Microtityus franckei: Described by Ricardo Botero-Trujillo and Jorge Ari Noriega
  • Ananteris arcadioi: Described by Ricardo Botero-Trujillo
  • Ananteris dorae: Described by Ricardo Botero-Trujillo

Microtityus franckei 

The male and female Microtityus franckei specimens were collected from Kalache Kalabria private reserve at Tayrona Natural National Park in the Caribbean region of Colombia by Noriega. 

It inhabits the inhabits the Santa Marta Montane Forests ecoregion. National Geographic Society’s 2001 description of this ecoregion:


…rises from very different habitat of xeric scrub and dry forest that surround it. This ecoregion is a mountain massif whose northern edge runs just off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Due to both plant and animal endemism it is considered a Pleistocene refuge, although its diversity is relatively low and limited in comparison with other Neotropical ecoregions


This discovery marks the first scorpion of the Microtityus genus to be found in Columbia.

Microtityus franckei is a very small scorpion. The specimens are around 10mm in length.

Ananteris arcadioi

The male Ananteris arcadioi specimen was found at Altamira, Puerto Gaitan, Meta Department near the center of Columbia. 

It inhabits the Llanos ecoregion, which extends from the foothills of the Eastern Andes of Colombia through almost the entire course of the Orinoco River.

With a total length of 18.25mm, it’s a small scorpion, but much larger than the M. franckei specimens.

Ananteris dorae

The female Ananteris dorae specimen was found at Reserva Natural La Planada, Nariño Department in west Columbia (near the Ecuador border and the Pacific Ocean). 

It inhabits the Northwestern Andean Montane Forests ecoregion, which is among the most diverse ecoregions on the planet.

This specimen was measured at a total length of 16.20mm.


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