How to Save a Rainforest? Buy It!

In Canada, a group of residents have saved a rainforest from destruction by purchasing it for almost 1 million dollars.

The Saltspring Island residents spent 5 months fundraising so that they could save the eight-hectare Creekside Rainforest from being sold on the open market. This would almost certainly have led to the rainforest being destroyed and the land being used for development.

Approximately 1,000 individuals pitched in for the rainforest, which will now be handed over to the Land Conservancy of B.C. so that it can be protected forever. Among the individuals were residents (including school children) and non-residents of the island.

Despite being told it would be impossible to save the rainforest, the residents succeeded. Here’s what the conservancy’s executive-director, Bill Turner said about the campaign:

Working through the highs and lows of a fundraising campaign can be stressful, but it all disappears when you see the smiling faces of residents, especially the children, after a property is saved.



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