The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

The great thing about bamboo clothing is that, not only is it soft and comfortable, but it also has some great environmental benefits.

The Comfort Factor

Bamboo clothing is said to be softer than cotton, with a texture more like that of silk or cashmere.

Bamboo clothing also absorbs moisture quickly. It actually draws moisture away from your skin, so it’s perfect for summer months or warmer climates, as well as for vigorous activities such as playing sports, bush walking, running, cycling etc. Pure bamboo clothes also dry in about half the time as cotton clothing.

Bamboo clothes are perfect to wear all year round - they’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of bamboo clothing are also very impressive.

Growing Bamboo

Here are some environmental facts about growing bamboo plants:

  • Bamboo plants can grow successfully without any fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Bamboo grows extremely fast - it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet. Bamboo has been known to grow 3 - 4 feet per day!
  • Bamboo doesn’t require a lot of water to grow.
  • Bamboo is a very hardy plant - it can survive drought conditions and flood conditions.
  • Bamboo plants release lots of oxygen into the air. A grove of bamboo release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.
  • Bamboo is a very earth friendly plant. It can reduce soil erosion and desertization. It can actually improve soil quality in degraded and eroded areas.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is created from the bamboo pulp. It doesn’t need chlorine to bleach it and it can be dyed easily with minimal water requirements. Fabrics that don’t dye easily are often treated with harsh chemicals and much more water, so an organic fabric that dyes easy is generally better for the environment.

And of course, bamboo clothing is 100% biodegradable, so you know your old bamboo garments aren’t going to end up in landfill for hundreds of years along with the other non-biodegradable junk.

Bamboo clothing really is a comfortable and environmentally friendly choice!

Where can I buy Bamboo Clothing?

You might be able to find bamboo clothes at your local organic clothing store. Otherwise, there are plenty of place to order bamboo clothes online.

For example, has a variety of bamboo clothes and other bamboo fiber products.

You might also like to check the comments section below, for readers’ suggestions on bamboo clothing stores.

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31 Responses to “The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing”

  1. Nancy Kelman Says:

    Great article :)

    I’ve recently opened my own Canada based bamboo clothing store and they really do make for amazing clothing both to the touch and for its antibacterial properties. Not to mention how eco-friendly it is.

    Feel free to check us out if your looking for a great source for bamboo clothing
    The Shade Tree Store

    ~Nancy Kelman

  2. Jennifer Shotwell Says:

    I too have recently started an online bamboo/organic cotton webstore. I love our products and wear them constantly. They are so soft and comfortable. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to discover this fabric!

    You can find us at we have some great t-shirts with meaningful messages, bamboo and organic cotton blended athletic wear, and organic cotton reusable tote and produce bags.

    Jennifer Shotwell
    Root Beginnings

  3. Peaceful Disorder Says:

    I know from first hand that organic cotton clothing is a great way to naturally alleviate some skin conditions.

    That is an easy call since conventional methods of cotton production use such harsh chemicals.

    I have heard some varying numbers on the amount, but everyone agrees the chemicals just are bad for the earth and us.

    “Traditional cotton production also attributes to 25% of worldwide insecticide use and 10% of worldwide pesticide use.”

  4. Earthy Beginnings Says:

    Working in the development side of the garment industry I can only let you know that 100% bamboo fabrics are not suitable for clothing. It simply not strong enough and will break after a few washes. Now bamboo blend will hold up stronger. If blending the fabric it should be done with organic cotton otherwise it defeats the purpose. All the properties you mention are correct. In examining some test result of cotton (non-organic) with Bamboo it showed that the bamboo eats away any bacteria from the non-organic cotton. Pretty cool stuff! However, it doesn’t do away with it 100% hence the problem of non-organic.

    At first I wanted to use bamboo for my eco kids clothing line I run. However, after several testing of bamboo I realized it would not be the good choice for me. Another thing to note about 100% bamboo is that it shrinks. I have opted to using certified organic cotton with all my styles. Come and check us out at

    Lastly, no clothing should end in landfills… Need to get rid of some? Then donate them! There are several companies that collect used clothing to send to underprivileged nations.

    Hope this was helpful!

  5. Brittany Says:

    This article is really helpful for anyone who is questioning how beneficial bamboo use is versus other materials for clothing! Well done!

    I only recently discovered how fabulous bamboo clothing is in the past two years and now I buy it all the time! In fact, I went to this new festival at the EXPO center called The Energy Trust Better Living Show and found a few vendors with bamboo clothing, towels, bedding, etc. It was pretty neat! I think I went home with five new shirts and two sets of bathroom towels for relatively cheap. The show is happening again March 28-30 this year, 2009. Everyone should go! If not just for the bamboo products, to support the sustainability movement. They have other products too. Here’s their website Oh and admission is free!

  6. under the sun bamboo Says:

    We here in Amsterdam design clothing made from 100% bamboo fabric and it is a very durable, strong fiber that drapes beautifully. We tested 100% bamboo versus blended bamboo with cotton and all the volunteers agreed that the 100% bamboo feels better against the skin, hangs better and looks more elegant and silky. Bamboo is a shapeable, flexible fabric and can be shaped when it is damp to fit one’s unique body type. Truly amazing.
    The clothing we have designed is made to follow the curves of the body-nothing is every cut boxy or with hard angles–it’s all soft and flowing just like the bamboo fabric itself, so every component is harmonious.
    Bamboo fabric is unlike any other natural fabric. Own something from 100% bamboo and feel for yourself.

  7. roger Says:

    I first found bamboo through David Gordons company
    I was so impressed I started to work with him- and recommended bamboo to my friends and business Assosciates
    The benfits to the environment are irrifutable- anything that can reduce water and pesticide use has to make sense
    The clothes are so soft, warm or cool as you need - my friends and colleagues are all in agreement and regular customers
    Our range is expanding every year as is our customer base
    you have to try it -I bet you anything you will love it

  8. Corey Says:

    Isn’t bamboo the best?! We are in the process of building our storefront Green Earth Bamboo where we will be offering Bamboo Sheets, Bamboo Bath products, Clothing and Baby Products. We are so excited because we have been testing all of our products prior to selecting which ones we want to offer. And to be honest, they are all fabulous! I have never felt a fabric so soft in my life!
    In addition to selling bamboo products, we want to be as equally informative about bamboo fabric, eco-friendly fabrics and how they impact our environment. Therefore, we have put together a very comprehensive website filled with Bamboo Facts. We are currently hosting this information on our temporary website as we continue to build our online Bamboo Store which will open end of April, 2009.
    We highly suggest checking out Bamboo Fabric first hand. Once you have felt the comfort of bamboo, nothing else will compare.
    Green Earth Bamboo

  9. zhang wei Says:

    I have 20000pcs bamboo textlied lady’s sleeveless fashion , the price is low ,the quality is good ,if you want to buy ,please contact me.

  10. kyle Says:

    hey, there is a different site that i found talking about different uses of bamboo’s and that really makes me interest, if u want to know u u can visit this site also. check it so that u will know more about this.

  11. Melanie Says:

    Bamboo plants are an extremely environmental friendly plant. They absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, and produce about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. They also have a natural anti-bacterial agent which gives them a natural function of deodorization. But most of all, bamboo fabrics feel very silky and luxurious.
    I have just changed my sheets from cotton to bamboo and I cannot tell you how amazing bamboo sheets feel. They are extremely soft and silky. Here is where I ordered them from:
    I also bought an amazing bamboo robe on
    and to complete my bamboo collection, I had to get the bamboo towels which feel amazing:

  12. bamboo Says:

    I love the idea of bamboo clothing and I have found a great line that has produced really trendy and basics garments that are completely eco-friendly. The clothing is made out of bamboo and like this article said, its extremely comfortable.

    Check out

  13. Bamboo Bird House&Feeder Says:

    we supply all kinds of bamboo and wooden products,such as bamboo garden products and bamboo torches and bamboo mats and wooden flooring and wooden mirrors and so on,we supply high quality & low price
    Bamboo Bird House&Feeder

  14. Green Products Says:

    These posts you have on the site have so much important info and the
    comments are also informative. Thanks!

  15. amandarogers Says:

    The idea for bamboo fabric is a new process developed at the Beijing University in 2001. The process which has been improved upon in the last few years has created an interest in bamboo clothing in particular by those of us interested in eco fashion. It is really nice post.

  16. rubystevens Says:

    I love bamboo clothing. It is really nice. i really enjoy this. thanks for your info.

  17. helenbrown Says:

    They absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, and produce about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. They also have a natural anti-bacterial agent which gives them a natural function of deodorization. But most of all, bamboo fabrics feel very silky and luxurious.

  18. benthomas Says:

    Bamboo plants are an extremely environmental friendly plant. They absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, and produce about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. They also have a natural anti-bacterial agent which gives them a natural function of deodorization. But most of all, bamboo fabrics feel very silky and luxurious.

  19. Bamboo Clothing Says:

    Bamboo has not currently been proven to be a wicking agent. There are scientists who are researching this as we speak to make the final determination. I do believe this is true from all of my experience with the fabric, but I just wanted to make it clear that it is not a scientific fact as of today.

  20. Adeline Trottier Says:

    Has anyone seen or heard anything about this kind of stuff being imported from Asia? Not like manafactured there but legit things monks and whatnot use.

  21. Frank Iwanowski Says:

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  22. Natural clothing Says:

    I would like to share few points about bamboo clothing.

    1. Bamboo is incredibly soft
    2. Bamboo is remarkably breathable. In the heat, bamboo is naturally cool to the touch and this property is maintained in its fabric form.
    3. Bamboo clothing is strong and durable.
    4. Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable
    5. Bamboo clothes absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second.

  23. Mike Says:

    Another splendid feature about bamboo clothing is that it is a truly green, eco-friendly fabric.Bamboo is a woody grass that requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow and it renews itself every three to five years. Because it is grown organically the fabric is as close to pure as you can get. Cotton requires toxic chemicals to grow and causes pollution. Not so with bamboo. If you are earth friendly and would like to help sustain our planet, go to Bamboo-Clothing.Net and help contribute to a better world.

    If you think bamboo clothing is merely plain old tee shirts, think again. Our line of clothing is very stylish and our clothing can be worn casual, or dressy. We offer dresses, sleepwear, shorts, jackets, slacks and tops in a variety of styles. We also offer maternity clothing, bedding and bath products. For an added bonus bamboo clothing is wrinkle- resistant and easy-care machine washable. Go check out our website now and you will find eco fashions to suit your life style.

  24. Marshall Says:

    All great points about bamboo! If you are interested in athletic shirts that are made from bamboo, check out for a great selection of men’s and women’s bamboo athletic clothing.

  25. Georgann Earing Says:

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  27. bamboo clothes Says:

    In Bhutan, most furniture and houses are made from bamboo; this is a big help to their country’s economy as well as to their environment. Bamboo is a type of grass meaning they can grow fast and can grow anywhere.

  28. Torin Lee Says:

    Bamboo is best!!
    Its soft as silk, wicks mositure like synthetic fabrics, odor resistant and is hypoallergenic.
    Check out GOOD GEAR ( - Beginning in August our gear will now be MADE IN THE USA.

  29. how to get your ex back Says:

    This is an easy call since conventional methods of cotton production use such harsh chemicals.

  30. Sharon Says:

    I have to agree with every word of this article! I have just opened an online yoga/Pilates clothing store and some of our range is made from bamboo. It feels fabulous against your skin and looks amazing. You can see our full range at

  31. vacation benefits Says:

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