What is Soy Silk?

Soy silk is an eco-friendly fiber made from tofu manufacturing waste. The fiber is made entirely of soy protein (which is a by-product from the manufacture of tofu).

Soy silk is currently made in China is available under the SOYSILK® brand. The SOYSILK® brand is a registered trademark of the South West Trading Company (SWTC), and can be purchased from The Yarn Grove and Crown Mountain Farms. Soy silk has been described as “soft” and “lustrous” and can be used to make a range of fabrics.

Soy silk yarns are available in three varieties, Oasis, Phoenix, and Infinity.

And if you’re thinking that the idea of wearing clothes made from soy beans is a new and radical idea, think again. Henry Ford wore a soybean suit back in the 1940s!

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    [...] Since the days of Henry Ford, soy bean fibers haven’t really taken off in the clothing/fabric market. But nowadays, with the environment being such a major concern around the world, soy bean fibers may just make a comeback. [...]