Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags

More and more people around the world are becoming aware of the environmental issues surrounding plastic bags. Considering their somewhat placid appearance, the impact of plastic bags on the environment can be devastating.

Here are some facts about the environmental impact of plastic bags:

  • Plastic bags cause over 100,000 sea turtle and other marine animal deaths every year when animals mistaken them for food
  • The manufacture of plastic bags add tonnes of carbon emissions into the air annually
  • In the UK, banning plastic bags would be the equivalent of taking 18,000 cars off the roads each year
  • Between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year
  • Approximately 60 - 100 million barrels of oil are required to make the world’s plastic bags each year
  • Most plastic bags take over 400 years to biodegrade. Some figures indicate that plastic bags could take over 1000 years to break down. (I guess nobody will live long enough to find out!). This means not one plastic bag has ever naturally biodegraded.
  • China uses around 3 billion plastic bags each day!
  • In the UK, each person uses around 220 plastic bags each year
  • Around 500,000 plastic bags are collected during Clean Up Australia Day each year. Clean Up Australia Day is a nationwide initiative to get as many members of the public to get out and pick up litter from their local areas. Unfortunately, each year in Australia approximately 50 million plastic bags end up as litter.

Fortunately, some governments around the world are taking the initiative to deal with the environmental impact of plastic bags by either banning plastic bags or discouraging their usage.

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  1. What are our Governments are doing about Plastic Bags? | Natural Environment Blog Says:

    [...] Natural Environment Blog Blogging for the Natural Environment « Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags [...]

  2. Rocky Says:

    It would be interesting to know what paper’s impact is too. I’m sure it is more biodegradable than plastic, but paper’s production pollution & impact on tree loss would be interesting to know too. Luckily our grocer encourages returning with our paper bags for reuse!

  3. Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags | Natural Environment Blog Says:

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  4. Ian Says:

    Good comment Rocky. I decided to create another post - this time for paper. Paper’s impact on the environment is quite surprising!

    Here it is: Paper bags versus plastic bags

  5. How “Eco Friendly” is your Grocery Bag? | Natural Environment Blog Says:

    [...] they are reusable, plastic bags aren’t eco friendly. They’re not very big either, which means you need to use more of [...]

  6. Whole Foods Market to phase-out Plastic Bags | Natural Environment Blog Says:

    [...] number of plastic bags being used globally each year is mind boggling and they are having an enormous impact on the natural environment. I think we should be doing everything we can to eliminate them. Paper bags aren’t the answer [...]

  7. Plastic Bags: Today’s ‘Free Lunch’? | Natural Environment Blog Says:

    [...] So, we’ve had our free lunch. Now, every one of those free plastic bags is being paid for - by the natural environment. Unfortunately, the average 8 minutes of usage we got from each of our plastic bags will now take 1,000 years to be fully paid for. That’s how long it can take for a plastic bag to decompose. And that’s not all. There are many other impacts of plastic bags on the environment. [...]

  8. Impact of Plastic on our Oceans | Natural Environment Blog Says:

    [...] days, we hear a lot about the tragic consequences of plastic bags on the environment. In particular, plastic bags are causing significant damage to our oceans and marine life. But what [...]

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    [...] all know that plastic bags are bad for the environment. And we all know why it’s important to do something about the plastic bag problem. Most [...]

  10. animal lover Says:

    why did we make them in the 1st place and why cant we do something about it its not like we cant help!

    And its hurting the earth and living things and maybe it mite be us soon because you never know whats going to happen next so we need to take a stand and stop plastic bags beening made and also stop it killing animals!


  11. roderick rynke Says:

    We own supermarkets and have started promoting reusable bags with limited usage. I have thought about going to 100% paper bags to reduce plastic polution, but have been told that paper bags take as long as plastic to degrade. I know the ideal is the reusable bags, but that will take awhile to train customers and I’m thinking to help now. What is the truth roderick rynke

  12. Britinie Says:

    I’m currently righting an essay for my sophmore science class. I have found that plastic bags impact our ecosystem in a very negative way. To here how many plastic bags become litter on the side of the road disgust me. Something needs to be done. Actions need to be taken.

  13. Sarah Says:

    I am doing an ecology project for my sixth grade science class and this site really helped me thank u very much

  14. Jazz Says:

    Yes, Plastic bags aren’t at all enviromentally friendly, but it halps us also, by keeping our food packaged and clean. we do need to reduce our plastic bags, but we cant completly abolish them until we find another biodegradeable material to keep our food clean and fresh, and a sor of shield against germs. so until we find some other material, we cant completly get rid of plastic bags.

  15. lalo sanchez Says:


    help our enviroment

  16. Alan Says:

    Here in Westchester County, New York, all our garbage is incinerated and used for power generation. Thus, both paper and plastic bags go up in smoke. It’s as if the oil and trees took a side-trip as bags before being used for power. Also, remember that here in the US almost all the paper comes from trees grown in plantations, ie sustainably. On the other hand, plastic bags are lighter than paper bags and require less energy to transport. Lastly, be aware that if you drive to the supermarket then your gasoline probably uses much more oil than was needed to make the plastic in which your purchases were bagged. So your time would be better spent on fuel economy issues than on plastic supermarket bags.

    As far as roadside trash is concerned, there is plenty of paper, cardboard and product packaging there too. I recently helped in my town’s cleanup day, and plastic bags were only a small amount of the garbage we picked up along the roads.

    Overall, then, I don’t see any big problem with plastic bags where I live.

  17. Rachael Says:

    I love the post above and am trying myself to help get the word out about the use of paper, plastic and other non-recycled materials. I hope that the more we infiltrate our world with the awareness of how it’s affecting their lives, the more we are likely to see change. I’m an optimist I know…

    I’ve quoted and linked to your blog since these facts are great. check out my blog at http://www.orangecabbage.com where I not only take on environmental issues like these but I also review health and fitness trends to encourage people to take the easy steps to living a more balanced and earth friendly life. I’ve just started, but expect a lot more to come!

  18. rima matia Says:

    yup…wll plastic bags do degrade our enviournment ……. we should’nt waste ‘em

  19. Graham Says:

    We should all be supporting the use of reusable natural fibre bags made from jute or organic cotton, especially in this the United Nations Year of Natural Fibres.

    But bags and packaging of course are only part of the problem - the other half is littering behaviour of humans!

  20. aanchal Says:

    plastics are really harmful they can even take life

  21. aanchal Says:

    we all must folllow 3R’s
    that is -

  22. Francisco Says:

    Ecofasa turns waste to biodiesel using bacteria

    A group of Spanish developers working for a company called Ecofasa just announced a new biofuel made up from trash. This isn’t a biodiesel made from used frying oil; instead, it’s made from general urban waste which is treated by bacteria. The result of that bacteria? Fatty acids that can be used to produce standard biodiesel. According to the company’s CEO, the process is fully biologic, competes with no feedstock and is really sustainable. However, the process doesn’t yield that much actual fuel: just one liter of biodiesel from 10 kg of trash. The project is now in a development phase, but Ecofasa said that a commercially viable model could be ready in three to four years.



  23. neo Says:

    the problem is not plastic bag but it is the littering habit of the people…
    in my view it is the best thing what can be recycled. these days everything has plastic in one form or the other.. so it is better to try and change the littering habits than to just not use the bag.

    why only ban the bag when everything today is packed in plastic.
    we still reuse the bag our supermarket gives us but we just throw the milk pouches, the waffer pouches , shampoo bottles, water bottles, the protective covering of each and every FMCG product we buy .. will they biodegrade sooner than the plastic bag we use to carry all these things home?

    u guys say plastic causes cancer. just tell me why do u then use a plastic bottle to feed babies, to store blood and for what all purposes… so u have cancer now. ??

    can the paper bag replace plastic bag. NO it cannot. u all know it producin paper bag causes much more water pollution than producing plastic bags. and paper bag canot be recycled for ever.. we need to cut more and more trees for paper bags…

    lets just recycle and reuse the plastic bag. and save trees, save our planet

  24. neo Says:

    and one more thing to aanchal..
    can u pls let us all know how plastic bag can kill. ?

  25. Heather Says:

    No one can deny how much we truly do overuse plastic bags and how bad they are for our environment. But we also can’t deny that using paper bags would cause a whole new set of problems due to the loss of trees. I feel that I have finally found an alternative that I can feel REALLY good about. Nature Bags are created in Laos by several small villages of indigionous people from 100% all natural materials. They’ve been making them for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and the sale of these bags are now their only source of income. It’s a powerful story of poverty reduction and, like I said, it makes me feel good every single time I use one of these beautiful and amazingly strong bags instead of “paper or plastic”. Check them out and order one of your own! http://www.NatureBag.ORG

  26. Julie Aedeci and Tamsyn Ronon Says:

    The answer is simple! Just use those ‘green bags’ that you can get. You bring a bunch of them to the supermarket and get them to put your groceries in that instead of the plastic bags they have there. And if you do get plastic bags, reuse them for other things instead of buying new bags!

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    this website was very usefull and i think china should change the way they use plastic bags!!!

  30. Cameron Says:

    The answer to our problems is simple but not easy for most to comprehend. RECYCLE!!!! Do your part to help save our environment. Use ‘green bags’ when you go to the store and don’t waste things. If you know you can use something again please do! And you can do much more than using green bags! I’m sure that if we use our heads, even if we haven’t used them for a long time, we can come up with something to help save our slowly crumbling environment!

  31. Eco Friendly Tote Bag Says:

    It’s scary when you look at the numbers. I believe people who read your article should aware we must do something about this now. After all, we all live on the same planet.

  32. The Trolley Bag Says:

    We all sub-conscienciously know we have a choice to make each time we stand at the counter to pay for our shopping. To make a real difference we must all choose to say “no” to the plastic bag. With all the choices now available it is almost a sin not to choose a re-usable bag. Our Trolley Bag is just another sexy choice and we are proud to present them. Love our plant, love our Trolley Bags!

  33. michael & brady Says:

    me and brady both use plastic bags but we know we need to stop before the world comes to the end

  34. katkaif Says:

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  35. Eliseo Kine Says:

    I visit this blog pretty frequently, though I rarely comment, and found this text very interesting. Thanks.

  36. Anil Says:

    what is the plastic?got habbituated to it.then eat the plastic you buy.there is no place on this to bio-degrade it.only way is to recycle it and to reduse it’s use. our earth became red from green.stop him from becoming more reddish.

  37. NameWithheld Says:

    I am not big on recycling, but I began recycling my plastic bags in 2009 after seeing what it does to the landfill in our area. For several months I turned in my plastic grocery bags at a local store and some small part of me felt good - like I was helping. In 2009, the city of Sherwood, AR (http://www.ci.sherwood.ar.us/City/GarbageCollectionGude.pdf) began using an Automated Garbage Collection system. The city provided one tall, green trash can to each resident, and then charges the citizens a monthly rental fee for having it. After this system had been in place for several months, I received a notice from them saying they would not collect my trash. The City of Sherwood’s trash police said that I am required to bag all of the trash (which is already inside of a closed container - a nice trash can with a large, hinged lid on top of it), or they would refuse to collect it. I took the trash out and bagged it in order for the city to collect it. This resulted in 14 grocery store bags being used for one collection, for one weeks worth of trash. At this rate, I will have used 728 bags over the course of one year. Can you imagine the amount of plastic bags (small or large) that this one rule generates for the whole city on a yearly basis? What’s worse, according to the city of Sherwood, the trash needed to be bagged “in order to keep the trash container clean.” As a result, my family and I no longer recycle plastic bags. So much for my warm and fuzzy ’save the earth’ feeling.

    If you have suggestions or comments, please contact our mayor. City of Sherwood’s Mayor: Virginia Hillman; vihillman@cityofsherwood.net

  38. jamshed gul bukhari Says:

    i use plastic begs but i need to stop plestic begsbefore the word comes to the end

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    The cotton bags are not any harmful to any way, so please stop the plastic bags because its very dangers for us health, nature’s, animals. Use the cotton begs and be healthy always. If you done it then GOD love you.

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    glad to go through this site! really interesting….n it really scared me and woke me up in to the reality and forced me to think dat we must do sth to safe our environment! (^_^)

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    Biodegradable plastic and packaging is a modern necessity for our ever-endangered environment.
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  52. don gross Says:

    the largest problem with the migration of plastic bags into rivers. streams and lakes, and oceans
    is not public irresponsibility…but mother nature causes.
    winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, and the floods from hurricanes, and rivers overflowing from too much rainfall, and winter run 0ff , pick up the bags from neighboring communities and carry them thru the waterways to the ocean; as well as tires, wood, styrofoam, and other household garbage, and plastic items.
    1 hurricane can deposit tons of waste into the waterways where it is carried to the ocean.
    the bags that replace thin lined plastic bags are also plastic, and don’t degrade as fast
    because they are made of material that is 20 or 30 times as thick as the lightweight bags.
    the lightweight bags could be made from rice paper or hemp fiber, or simply left alone.
    now we will cut down more trees and contribute to more deforestation and climate warming
    because of the lack of real information and truth to the consumer regarding these issues.

  53. Vishal Saraogi Says:

    we should use jute & cotton bags which are ec-friendly and good for the enviroment. more and more people come forward for the use of natural fibre bag.

  54. Jute Bag Manufacturers Says:

    Say no to plastics.Eco sense should be the sixth sense of human life.We both can make a difference.So switch to ecofriendly bags and keep our nature clean and green.

  55. roslynn Says:

    i hate plastic bags

  56. hammy Says:

    these facts are really interesting!!!!

  57. Eco Friendly Products Says:

    No more plastic bags in the produce aisle or the refrigerator. Take the produce bags with you when you visit the food market (along with reusable shopping bags, of course), and place your organic produce in them. To keep the food market, farmer’s market, or garden produce fresher longer, place the bags directly in the refrigerator.

  58. bag manufacturers Says:

    I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i want to hear more about this in future.

  59. J. Tyler Ballance Says:

    I used to work for a Nader-funded environmental action group, Campaign Clean Water.

    Most of the information on this page regarding plastic bags, is not supported by research.

    100,000 turtle deaths due to plastic bags! That is just pure bullshit. That sort of unsubstantiated claim severely hurts the credibility of ALL environmental movements.

    Take a look at officiated journals and, even there, you find unsubstantiated, alarmist claims.

    We need real, objective research, not emotional or outright lies about the environmental impact of products. Then we can make rational decisions with regard to the cost-benefit to society, and to a particular locality.

    For example, if waste is sent to a trash to energy plant in one locality, while in another place everything is sent to a so-called “sanitary land fill” the environmental impact of plastic bags will be much different.

    For those who promote paper bags, we have plentiful data regarding the manufacturing and bio-degradation of paper bags. We also know that the glue in supermarket bags are a favorite of roaches; where they often lay eggs that hatch once you store the bags at home.

    NOAA has documented plastic bags that have created a floating reef in the Pacific. More research needs to be done to see if plastic in the Ocean is a net benefit, by creating habitats, or a net negative, due to some unforeseen impact on the benthic region.

    Visit NOAA’s site to read their debunking of the alarmist crap that is posted on this blog and elsewhere in the non-science, all “feelings” environmental community.

    We need environmental scientists to provide objective research; not emotion-based lunacy.

  60. J. Tyler Ballance Says:

    Here’s a handy link specifically related to plastics at sea:


  61. Sinaitech Says:

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    We believe that a step, however small it is in its size and scope, towards the right direction will ultimately culminate in a bigger action. Having witnessed the mass abuse of plastics and its cancerous damage to human health and to the environment, we started wondering how we can put in our effort to save the environment instead of lamenting on the destruction already caused by us. Hence came the idea, which may not be a perfect solution but we do believe that we can arrest the further deterioration of the destruction by just changing the way we carry our day to day needs by switching over to paper bags.
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    People are very careless when it comes to getting rid of anything plastic they don’t really see the dangers that it actually has on the environment, not only does it not disintegrate but it causes damage to animals, gets into the oceans, and creates havoc to the sea life. People have to be more aware plain and simple!!

  63. Mamicha Says:

    We can use some alternative bags that are more environment friendly instead of using plastic bags. The environment is hitting us now, like the effects of global warming.. flood here, there and everywhere.. Lets act now and stop using plastic bags.. :)

  64. shredding Houston Says:

    Big companies have already produced plastic bags that are biodegradable. Others have opted to simply reuse their plastic bags whenever they may a purchase in markets. What I want to know is the government’s attempt to further minimize the problems with plastic bags because they very harmful to the environment. Paper and other paper products should also be encouraged to be recycled or reused as an effort to conserve what is left of our natural resources.

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    Well, I did a little math about plastic bag usage, here are the results:

    1) According to one of your facts above, the world uses between 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags every year.

    2) Let’s just say every year, we consume 1 trillion plastic bags. If you divide 1 trillion by 365 days, you get 2.7 billion plastic bags used per day worldwide.

    3) If you divide that by 24 hours, you get 114 million plastic bags used per hour worldwide.

    4) If you divide that by 60 minutes, you’ll get 1.9 million plastic bags used per minute worldwide.

    5) Lastly, lets divide by 60 seconds.

    EVERY second the clock ticks, the world would have consumed nearly 32,000 plastic bags!

    SCARY isn’t it?

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    It is a worth topic that shouldn’t go un-noticed. I myself am 300% better about my use of plastics and recycling than I was a year a go. Hopefully that growth is widespread and will continue for myself.

  81. Nissei Says:

    It’s a worthy topic that shouldn’t go un-noticed. I am 300% better about plastics consumption and recycling than I was a year ago. I hope that pattern is universal.

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